The Village of Roscoe Police Department works diligently with our citizens to ensure a safe neighborhood. In our efforts to reduce crime and traffic violations we have established a traffic safety program.

When the police department receives traffic complaints we begin the process by placing our portable radar trailer or covert radar in the area where the possible violations are taking place. At the same time, we begin a directed patrol with a patrol officer monitoring the traffic and issuing warnings and citations at their discretion. Once the police department receives the results from the radar units we deploy the officers for their directed patrols at the times when the violations are occurring most. We will also place the radar results online for you to see.

As always we strive to resolve any issues you may have. If you have any questions or concerns please call 815-623-7338 Monday thru Friday during business hours.


Speed Radar Results:












Covert Radar Speed Study:


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