The Code Enforcement Division investigates and resolves complaints from our citizens regarding violations of adopted Village codes and ordinances. Inoperable vehicles, yards overgrown with weeds, neglected or dilapidated structures and illegal signs are just a handful of public nuisances that can negatively impact the quality of life in a community.

Complaint Procedure:
When a complaint is received, Code Enforcement staff will conduct an inspection to determine whether or not a property or structure is in compliance with Village Codes. If a violation is found, the property owner is sent a notice and given time to bring the property or structure back into compliance. If a property or structure remains in non-compliance, the property owner will be sent a notice to appear at Administrative Adjudication Court at the Village Hall. The property owner be may be ticketed and assessed a fine.

To submit a code enforcement complaint, contact our Code Enforcement Officer at or by phone at (815) 623-2829. All complaints are taken in confidence.

To view the Village of Roscoe Code of Ordinances click below:

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