Safe Environmental Way to Dispose of Prescription Medications:

DisposeRx is a new safe product about the size of a ketchup packet, which when added to leftover medications with water, forms a gel which permanently captures the prescription drugs which can then be thrown in the household trash.

The Village of Roscoe Police Department has free DisposeRx packets which you can pick up and bring home to safely and effectively dispose of your unused or expired prescription drugs in your own home.  For more information on DisposeRx Incorporated and the DisposeRx product click here.

Chaplain Division:

The Police Chaplain unit of the Roscoe Police Department started in May of 2009 by Chief Jamie Evans and Cpl. Billy Weston. Head Chaplain Pastor Paul Meyers.

The Chaplains purpose is to minister to all that desire their help. They deliver death notices, counsel those in need and are available to the officers of the Police Department. They are often times called out by the Police Department day or night to assist in particularly difficult incidents. They are responsible for a duty week beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday. The Chaplains are also asked to ride with officers from time to time.

IDThisPerson.com is a private endeavor created to assist Law Enforcement with identifying subjects wanted for questioning in criminal investigations. Visitors who identify subjects can remain 100% anonymous.  HELP NOW…

Crime Reports:

To find information on crime in your neighborhood click here.

Report It:

Register your personal property at: reportit.leadsonline.com

Tobacco Enforcement:

Undercover Agent 17-20 year old student in good standing assists law enforcement in apprehending offenders who sell tobacco to minors. Contact Sgt. Weber to apply. aweber7890@roscoepolice.com or by phone 815-623-7338. Click here for more information

Bicycle Patrol:

When personnel allows for it, officers patrol subdivisions in areas where it is deemed they are needed most for crime and traffic issues.

Resident Vacation Check Request:

Click here for more information

School Safety Committee:

Meeting with officers and school officials to ensure the safety of our schools.

Ride-Along Program:

Roscoe residents can request to ride along with an officer. For ride-along instructions and a request form click here.

Gun Safety Program:

Providing citizens with free gun locks at safety events and upon request.

office: 815-623-7338
fax: 815-623-7254


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