Chicken Coop License Application


  • A maximum of six (6) hens shall be kept on a property that is zoned and occupied for single-family residential use only.
  • The keeping of roosters and the slaughter of any chicken is prohibited.
  • Hens shall be inside an enclosed, approved chicken coop with an adjacent covered outside fence area. The outside area shall be no larger than 32 square feet in area.
  • The enclosure and adjacent occupied fence area shall be set back thirty (30) feet from any adjacent residential structure and not less than a twenty feet property line.
  • All enclosures shall be constructed and maintained in a manner to be free of rodent infestation.
  • A building permit is required for all chicken coops.
  • The permit fee is $25.
  • Electrical services must be inspected by the Winnebago County Building Department. No extension cords allowed.
  • Hens shall be kept in the enclosure and let out only with supervision in a fenced yard.
  • All areas where hens are kept shall be maintained neat and clean and free of undue accumulation of waste such as to cause odors detectable on adjacent property.
  • The owner shall not allow chickens to produce noise loud enough to disturb the peace of neighbors.
  • The owner shall allow inspections from the Village of Roscoe Code Enforcement and Zoning Department.
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