Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

The Village of Roscoe, Illinois, Zoning Board of Appeals is made of up seven community members who are appointed by the Village President and confirmed by Village Board.  

ZBA members who plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural and aesthetic integrity of the Village of Roscoe. This board is responsible for reviewing and deciding on appeals made by property owners regarding the interpretation or enforcement of the village's zoning laws.  Through careful deliberation and adherence to established guidelines, the Zoning Board of Appeals helps balance individual property rights with the collective interests of the Village of Roscoe, fostering a harmonious and well-planned community environment.

Additionally, the ZBA is the deliberative body that holds public hearings and transmits recommendations to the Village Board related to the issuance or denial of variances and special use permits after making findings as to whether  the such requests are in line with the Village's land use planning goals and objectives.


Meetings of the ZBA generally take place monthly, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.