License and Permits

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The Village of Roscoe requires zoning permits for certain building and construction projects, as well as other registration and licenses. Zoning permit applications and submittals must comply with Village codes, which are established to provide safeguards for the public’s health and welfare.

Not sure if you need a Village permit, a County permit or both?  First, you need to determine if you are a resident of the Village. You can do this by looking at your tax bill.  If you pay taxes to the Village of Roscoe, you live within the village limits. If your tax bill does not list the Village of Roscoe, contact Winnebago County Planning and Zoning at 815-319-4350 regarding permits. If you don’t have a copy of your tax bill handy, you can visit the Winnebago County Treasurer's website to view your bill. 


Apply for and return to Roscoe Village Hall or email permits [at]

Special Event Permit Applications must be submitted at least 30 – 60 days prior to the date of the special event (dependent on the type of event). Please contact Village Hall at permits [at] or 815-623-2829 for any questions.


Apply for and return to Roscoe Village Hall or email frontdesk [at]

Click here to view the Village's Online Zoning Map.  

Click here to view the Village's most recently adopted Zoning Ordinance.

Click here to access Wingis (View property lot lines)