Snow & Ice


Plowing and Salting

At the beginning of all snow events, the Public Works Departments begin the process of snow and ice removal operations. Each event has its own unique characteristics with a variety of conditions such as wind, temperature, timing and moisture content. Our approach to snow removal must remain flexible to address these variables. During light to normal snowfall, roads will be plowed to their full width as soon as possible following an initial pass. During heavier snowfalls, roads will be widened as the storm intensity lessens. After a storm passes, clean-up operations will begin in order to fully clear intersections, remove snow piled in right-of-ways and cul-de-sacs, and salt the cleared roadways to prevent subsequent ice formation. In the event of rain preceding a snow event, trucks may ‘pre-salt’ in advance of plowing operations. Please be aware that the effectiveness of salt depends on a number of factors, including traffic volume, pavement type, sun/shade, and temperature. Our trucks move at slow traffic speeds, and occasionally need to reverse so please maintain a minimum distance of 100’ behind plow vehicles at all times.