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VACANCY – Office of the Village Clerk

The Village of Roscoe is currently accepting applications for the vacant position of Village Clerk. The Village President shall appoint a qualified person to serve as the Village Clerk for the remainder of a two year term until the lawful election of a Clerk in the next regular municipal election. Any eligible village resident who may be interested in serving as Village Clerk should send a letter of interest and resume to Anne Hanson, Compensation & Benefits Specialist at the Village of Roscoe, P.O. Box 283, Roscoe IL, 61073, or email to

Letters of interest must be received no later than May 31st, interviews, if required, will be scheduled for June 1st and 2nd, with an expected confirmation date of June 6th 2017.

The position requires attendance at all meetings of the Village Board, currently scheduled for 6:30pm on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Those seeking additional information about the role of the Village Clerk in the Village government will find a brief description of the duties for this position on the Village of Roscoe website: Click here.

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