Publics Works & Parks

The Village of Roscoe Public Works Department is located at 5402 Swanson Road adjacent to Roscoe Thunder Park. Hours of operation are 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday. The phone number is 815-877-0746 and fax number is 815 516 5775. If your call is transferred to voice mail during normal business hours, we are either away from our desk or unable to take your call. Please follow the prompts on the voice mail system to leave a message for the appropriate person. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Rick Bates is the Village of Roscoe Public Works Supervisor supervising a staff of four full-time employees, one part-time employee, seasonal employees and an administrative assistant.

The Public Works Department maintains 67 road miles and rights-of-way, six parks, the buildings housing the Village Hall, Roscoe Police Department and the Maintenance Facility as well as the Public Works vehicles and equipment.

Common requests from Village residents include:

• notification of street signs down, damaged or vandalized
• potholes
• requests for dead animal removal from roadways
• sidewalks, curb & gutter or drainage issues
• plugged culverts
• trees that have fallen in the right-of-way
• mailboxes damaged by a Village snow plow
• sand and salt clean-up after the winter season
• broken or vandalized playground equipment

Note: Vandalism should first be reported to the Roscoe Police Department.

Concerns such as the above may be brought to our attention via the request
for service ticket system, or by calling the Public Works office at 815-877-
0746. You may also email the Public Works office at the following link: Please include your name, address and phone
number where you can be reached along with the location or address and the nature of
your concern. Your complaint will be addressed in a timely manner.

Another common concern is street light outages. Please note that the Village is not
responsible for repairing street lights. ComEd maintains the street lights in the Village
of Roscoe and should be contacted via their customer service phone number that
appears on your electric bill. Just follow the prompts and choose “Report an Outage”.
From there you can choose to report the street light outage. You can also report a
street light outage via ComEd’s website at the following link:

Snow plowing is done by a fleet of 10 plow trucks capable of sanding and salting.
Please review our Snow Plowing Policy information via this link